Why we are the Best Dubai Desert Safari Company

Dubai is a place famous for its luxurious shopping, modern armature, nightlife scene full of life, & endless deserts. The exploration of UAE is incomplete & joyless without tasting the adventure, exhilaration & indelible drive on the dunes.

If you are going to plan a desert safari tour in Dubai, but don’t know how? You have to choose the best desert safari tours. You are at the right place. We will guide everything you need to know to make your tour perfect & worthwhile. 

Why we are the best desert safari tours?

We are the most famous desert safari tours with numerous blazing reviews from satisfied & happy clients, and it’s simple to see why.

You’ll get an opportunity to enjoy an exciting & thrilling adventure for a whole day & evening in the deserts.

First of all, you’ll be picked up for the city in a 4*4 car or buggy while experiencing dune bashing. There is also a choice of sandboarding.

Further, there’s a campsite with conventional snacks, henna tattoos, a camel ride across the dunes, & an opportunity to meet falcons. As darkness falls, you’ll delight in a buffet dinner & enjoy classical performances.

Best overnight desert safari

This is your choice to make the utmost of your time in the deserts of Dubai by spending the nighttime under the stars & open sky. Once you’re on the desert safari, you’ll be capable of doing some dune bashing & quad biking over the dunes.

Thereafter, you can enjoy sandboarding too. Further, it’s on to your camp for the night, supervened by a camel ride to see the sunset over the sand stacks.

Back at the campsite, there’ll be customary dance performances & a delicious dinner to adore. Sitting around the bonfire & hearing desert short stories is an unforgettable way to wind up the day.

We have a range of packages for both those who are searching for budget-friendly & luxurious services.

Best budget Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Not all stuff has to cost heavy bucks in UAE- this desert safari is budget-friendly, affordable & offers a lot.

First up, you’ll be taken out into the 4*4 car or land cruiser, after that you’ll have chance to go for dune bashing. Also, it’s a time for doing some sandboarding over the sand.

You can enjoy all other activities such as sunrise & sunset scenes, camel riding,  henna designs & BBQ dinner in the budget-friendly package.

Super accessible, affordable & massively reviewed!

Best luxurious desert safari

For those who want additional luxury & don’t mind, if you have to pay charges for it. Then, you’ll adore this desert safari.

You’ll be driven out in a Range Rover & head out trip into the desert.

Our guide will take you to the deserts of Dubai making it possible for you to watch wildlife & falconry demos. You can also see the evening & enjoy an exclusive tableware service buffet dinner among the sand stacks at a private venue.

Your best package of choice is just a click away! 

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