Desert Safari Dubai Deals in 2021

Desert safari Dubai is a very groovy and wondrous experience that includes thrilling dunes bashing, astounding campsites, breathtaking camel riding, and exotic belly dancers with BBQ dinner. Dubai Desert Safari is one of the marvelous experiences of the world.

Desert Safari in Dubai is once in a life-time experience for everyone. The deserts that people used to avoid have become one of the major tourist attractions because of the activities established there.
These activities have exotic experiences that people from around the world enjoy very much. This makes Desert Safari Dubai one of the best choices for a family vacation. You can also come to enjoy this amazing and mesmerizing experience with your friends.

Desert Safari Tours offers the most stunning packages. They have both economic packages that allow you to derive pleasure from the tour under a low budget, and premium packages that offer a luxurious and fascinating experience solely focused on you.

Desert Safari Packages

Advance Package

Free Package Inclusions

Premium Package

Free Package Inclusions

Dune Buggy Deal

Free Package Inclusions

Dune Buggy (1000cc)

Free Package Inclusions


Pick Up
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM Approx
Drop Off
09:00 PM - 09:00 PM Approx
06:00 Hours Approx
Dubai Desert

Desert Safari Dubai Tour Overview

Dubai Desert tour contains a variety of amazing activities. All the desert safari deals include almost the same experiences, but the economic package limits you to travel by standard bus to the location. But if you can manage a bit of budget, you can enjoy this tour to the fullest. Here is a list of the activities you will be doing in your tour:

Free Inclusions in all Packages

Dune Bashing

BBQ Dinner (Veg & non-Veg)


Henna Tattoo (Women only)

Welcome Tea/Coffee/Water

Short Camel Ride

Belly Dance & Tanura Dance

Extra’s (Paid)

Bar Counter

Sheesha at your Table

VIP Seats & Table Service

Long Camel Ride

Picture With Falcon

ATV Quad Bike

Desert Safari Tour Activities

4x4 Car

The 4×4 car allows you to enjoy the wondrous sights that are there from Dubai City to Dubai Desert. The car gives you more of a private experience for your family, bringing you comfort during the tour.

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing is an immersive experience enjoyed by large crowds in the deserts of Dubai. This involves driving a 4×4 vehicle on dunes. The sand keeps shifting, so it requires both experience and skill. Even if you are new to it, you will enjoy it to the peak.


Sandboarding is another amazing experience that you can enjoy in deserts. Due to the topography of Dubai, these experiences can be enjoyed throughout the year. Sandboarding is much similar to snowboarding, but it is on the sand. You have specially adapted boards. It’s like you are boarding on an ocean of sand. This is an astounding experience that you won’t forget for a lifetime.

Henna Tattoo (Women Only)

After you have reached the campsite, several Henna Tattoo specialists can make special designs of henna on your hands and arms.
This is available for women only. Henna tattoos here are much different, and drawn by skilled specialists. Trust us, you wouldn’t have seen anything like this in the entire world.


You are also provided with refreshments like tea, coffee, water, etc on the tour. These refreshments keep you energetic to enjoy the Dubai desert safari tour to the fullest.

Camel Riding

Camel is called the ship of the desert. The spectacular camel riding experience in desert safari Dubai is one of a kind. As you ride high on the back of the camel, you will feel like an adventurer in the sea of sand.
This camel riding is a memorable experience for both you and your family. Believe me, if you are in Dubai and didn’t ride a camel, you haven’t done anything at all then. Camel rides are much more heightened and comfortable than horse riding. You will be up high and would be able to look upon the far edges of the desert sea.

BBQ Dinner & Belly Dance

In the evening, you will have a BBQ dinner at the campsite. This dinner is also a stupefying experience, as you can watch the best exotic belly dance on the stage. These belly dancers add a serene experience to your dinner.
This dinner will be the most memorable one of your life. Just imagine having a BBQ in between beautiful exotic dancers who are skilled in the mystic arts of belly dance. The belly dancers in Dubai are the best and most skilled in the world.

Extra Activities You Can Do On Your Own

Although the Dubai desert safari offers cover most of the activities, there are still some things that are needed to be paid for separately. These activities include the following:

  • The drinks you take from bar counters are needed to be paid for by yourself.
  • You have to pay for VIP seats and special table services if you book them.
  • Having a picture with a falcon is also a specially provided service that needs to be separately paid for.
  • Long Camel Rides and Sheesha at your table are also needed to be paid separately by yourself.

Although these things aren’t included in the package, you can still avail them. They will add more to your pleasurable experience based on your choice. Our customers are always satisfied with our services.


Quad Bike
Belly Dance
Camel Riding
Dune Bashing
Live Music
Sand Skiing

Buffet Menu


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