Top 7 attractions of desert safari & dune bashing:

If you are planning a destination for your vacations, Desert safari Dubai is the right choice. There are multiple options to enjoy the life in deserts of Dubai. Every spot & every activity is full of thrill & adventure. checkout our desert safari offers

Dune Bashing:           

 The command that the term dune bashing carries is correct for every valid explanation. It’s a favourite desert experience in which an expert driver will bash the sand in a sport vehicle at different speed. Dune bashing is an important part of Desert Safari. Dubai desert safari is a tour to dunes which comprises of entertainment, adventures & food. Dune bashing is the most thrilling among all the activities. It’s an adrenaline pumping exertion in every bit of it. As the auto climbs up sand at high speed & drops abruptly, you’ll give hollers of joy. Delight the furious slip from the high dunes. It lasts upto 30 minutes.

The top 7 attractions of desert safari & dune bashing are as follows:

  • Day tours
  • Off the beaten tracks
  • Wildlife activities & safaris
  • Nature & thrill
  • Viewing spots
  • Driving experiences
  • Musical & dance shows

Day Tours:

  Apart from the luxurious restaurants & towering buildings of UAE, one of the most charming places is the desert safari. Incredibly fascinating & natural beauty of desert much more than dunes. Day tours will allow you to see life on the sand deeply. Where there is interesting to see dunes & experience activities on day tours, some precautions are also necessary to stay calm & comfortable during sunny & hot days. Our team will help you to make your day tours perfect & enjoyable.

Off the beaten tracks:

When you are on vacation, you have to do some shopping for your family & friends. You also want to visit the maximum number of places. These activities can’t give you that level of happiness & relaxation, you are searching for. You need a break from the hustle & bustle of the city. Desert safari is a perfect choice. It’s off the beaten tracks will give you comfort & relaxation. It will be the quality time that you spend in a silent & soothing environment away from the noises & city.


Wildlife activities & Safaris:

When you are thinking about safari, you presumably suppose a limitless meadow plain, a hefty flock of animals grazing, & few predators abiding their time for prey.

Although different kinds of safaris can be delightful & entertaining, none can relatively beat the exposure of wildlife safari, & for those who love to see wild animals in their natural territory, a wildlife safari will feel like a trip to heaven. It will be more fun to experience wildlife activities & safaris.

Nature & Thrill:

There are many options to enjoy adventure, nature & thrill over a desert safari tour. You can see natural beauty while grabbing morning & evening desert safaris. Camping over dunes will be more fun. You can delight in a hot air balloon ride. Watching sunrise or sunset scenes from the air will be mesmerizing.

Viewing spots:

You can see historical places as well as compare the current life with ancient life on the desert safari. Now a lot of activities & places are developed with advanced technology to engage people of any age. You can take pictures at these fascinating viewing spots.

Driving experiences:

Driving experiences on desert safari tours is just beyond enjoyment. It will be a very different experience. Because driving on the dune is not an easy task. It requires specific techniques & skills. People who love to drive will find it more entertaining to learn those techniques.

Musical & dance shows:

The desert safari tour is incomplete without traditional musical & dance shows. These shows will add flavor along with delicious dinner. You’ll be entertained by traditional Tanura & Belly dance.

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