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Hatta Tour From Dubai (2022)

Hatta Mountain Tour – Today, when you hear the name of Dubai, all most can imagine are the tallest skyscrapers and exotic beaches. Many people don’t know that Dubai has much more to offer than buildings and beaches.
Dubai is built on cultural and ancient heritage, marks of which are still present in it. Hatta Mountain Tour can take you to such a place that is part of Dubai’s cultural heritage. In these mountains, stunning places of nature exist that provide you a serene and tranquil tour experience.

Hatta is located in the Hajar Mountains almost 100 km east of Dubai. It is also called an exclave of Dubai. Hatta has many tourist attractions and is considered an important heritage site in UAE.
The Hatta Tour includes places like Hatta Dam, Heritage Village, Hiking Trails, Hatta Hill Park, Hatta Reservoir Visitors Point, and the famous Hatta Fort. Along with these, there are also multiple breath-taking landscapes and amazing look points.
Desert Safari Tours aims to make your tour to Hatta from Dubai the most memorable tour of your life. We offer different packages that you can select based on your budget. We almost cover all of the worth-looking areas in our packages.

Hatta Tour Dubai Packages

Basic Package

4×4 Pick & Drop From Hotel + Sightseeing

Advance Package

4×4 Pick & Drop + Sightseeing​ + Kayak

Premium Package

Private 4×4 Pick & Drop + Sightseeing


Pick Up
7:00 AM Approx
Drop Off
2:00 PM Approx
06:00 Hours Approx
Hatta, Dubai

Hatta Tour Overview

Free Inclusions in all Packages

Hatta Tour includes the below mentioned activities.

Pick & Drop

Visit to Hatta Hill Park

Visit to Hatta Heritage Village

Visit to Hatta Wadi Hub

Visit to Hatta Dam

Hatta Mountains Photography Point

Refreshment as Mineral Water

Extra’s (Paid)

Some of the activities are not included in the package but you can buy them separately.

Lunch at Hatta Fort Hotel


Pedal Boat


Mountain Trekking

Activities Included In Hatta Tour

Following are the activities that we include in our packages of the Hatta Dubai Tour:

Pick and Drop

The package includes pick and drop from your hotel or home. However, the kind of vehicle used for transport will entirely depend on your budget. If you go with the economic option, you will have to travel by bus.
However, for other packages, you will be provided with a 4×4. Well, if you are going to Hatta from Dubai, the 4×4 is the best option. It will make the tour comfortable while also enabling you to view all the beautiful and mesmerizing landscapes from Dubai to Hatta.

Hatta Hill Park

Hatta Hill Park is a major attraction for nature lovers and hikers. It is the best spot for gatherings or a family picnic. Moreover, you can also BBQ on these hills. There are beautiful wooden benches in shaded areas. Hill Park also has children playing area. All of this provides you with a soothing and serene experience on your tour. Your family will enjoy much more than they expected here.

Hatta Heritage Village

This ancient village contains sculptures and documents from the past. This village takes you to the ancient history of the area. It feels like you have time to travel back to the past. The village represents the culture and heritage the people used to have there.

Hatta Wadi Hub

If you thought Hatta was any less than Dubai or Abu Dhabi in terms of exotic, Wadi Hub will totally change your opinion. This amazing place is for both children and adults. Hence, families can spend quality time there. There are also water slides that make you fly up to 15 meters into the air before dropping you into a pool of cool water. One of the best and most amazing experiences you can have here.

Hatta Dam

Hatta Dam is one of the most beautiful spots of the location. It is the best place to take your family. The pictures were taken there will be the most memorable ones of your tour. The dam is surrounded by rocky mountains.
These mountains give a mesmerizing view of the Dam. Moreover, the reservoir point near the Dam also makes a good photography spot. You can also Kayak in the Dam, which is another amazing experience. Hatta kayak will be one of the most memorable instances of your life.

Hatta Mountain Photography Point

Several photography points can yield the best pictures of your tour. These locations bring a background to your picture that can make the world envious of you.
Every nature lover will be stunned by even taking a look at these pictures. Having portraits of these pictures on your home walls will make a fine décor.

Other Activities You Can Do On Your Own

Hatta Mountain Tour is filled with numerous adventurous activities that you can do on your own. While the package covers most of the places, the activities there are needed to be paid for separately.
For example, Hatta Kayaking, bike riding, Mountain Trekking, park passes, and other passes have separate costs. You can avail yourself of the tickets for activities that you want to perform.
There are also premium passes that give you access to a full day of adventurous activities. These passes include all the tickets in one. Hence, once you get them, you will be able to enjoy every stunning activity that this amazing place has to offer.


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