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Desert Safari Dubai

This blog is all about the evening Desert Safari Dubai. I take you on a journey through Dubai’s history and also talk about my personal experience at this amazing event. This blog is dedicated to everyone who has ever been enthralled by the stunning natural beauty of the desert, the sky full of stars, or had the biggest smile in their life while walking along the dry, warm sand while hearing beautiful music playing over the dunes.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai is one of the most exciting attractions in Dubai. The show takes over a huge area of desert and is open to the public. It has been named one of the best attractions in the city by many people who have visited it and enjoyed it.

All About Desert Safari Dubai offers

This tour begins in the evening across the desert with multiple points for photography. During an amazing drive, you reach the 1st spot for a mesmerizing sunset. We stay to see the evening & continue with the drive to reach the camp destination finally. Then you have a choice to go for sand boarding, camel riding, dune bashing, and henna design on hands or feet. After doping up a hunger you get to delight in a yummy buffet dinner & shisha. You’ll also enjoy the Tanura dance performance & Fire show around the bonfire by starlight.

Though, never neglect to seek the enjoyment of an evening desert safari in Dubai tour during your bustling shopping & exploration gambol in the cosmopolitan town. If you are visiting UAE, as you reach the city, you may head to the best lavish shopping malls to buy presents, products & monuments for your loved ones & spend most of your time in shopping spots & exploring places. But none of these can give you the delights & thrills that an evening desert safari can. The sunset scene is a must to watch & as special as the sunrise. So, never miss this chance.

The evening desert safari is a thrilling experience. You travel through the desert in an open jeep, with the sun setting on your right and the moon rising on your left. As you drive through the desert, you see tiny villages, palm trees, and wide-open spaces. You can also see camels, goats, and antelope grazing in the distance. The driver guides you through the process of setting up camp for the night. You’ll be able to enjoy a delicious meal cooked by local chefs who are experts at preparing authentic Arabian food.

This tour is perfect for families who want to experience something different from their usual day trips. The children will love watching as they try various types of cuisine from around the world while learning about different cultures at the same time!

Our activities include: Desert Safari and a visit to watch camel racing and enjoy desert sports at the Camel Race Track. We also offer an exciting camel trekking tour by desert dunes in Dubai . In addition, we take you to explore the nature trails and enjoy water activities at the beautiful Jumeirah Lake Parkorni

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